1. No drugs or alcohol permitted at any time
  2. Nero does not reference or use any religion made up or real.
  3. Children 10-12 may attend but may not play
  4. Children 13-17 may attend with parent or guardian permission
  5. Every one has a right to play
  6. Combat is light touch only
  7. Every player is responsible for their own safety and the safety of thier fellow players
  8. Unwanted physical contact, inappropriate advances, racism, sexism, or other harassing behavior will result in immediate removal from the game and possibly additional sanctions.
  9. Must have an active membership to participate as an NPC or PC
  10. Smoking will be confined to designated areas only
  11. All rules and story materials are copyright Nero International and Joseph Valenti and may not be used with express written permission .
  12. All policies of the host campground must be followed