Y.R. 272 – King Ulson III begins the First Northern Campaign in the areas that will become the Barony of Trellheim in the Duchy of Ashbury and Jennith, for which the King is soon called Ulson the Conqueror.

Y.R. 305 – King Hendrick names Xavier Saxony as Lord Protector of the Duchy of Ashbury. Nicole Endarr is born to Hendrick and Megallen.

Y.R. 316 – Damien Saxony is named the Protector of Ashbury after the death of his father, Zavier Saxony.

Y.R. 495 – After an entire Healers Guild is executed for Necromancy along the Ashbury/Niman border, King Roderick I repeals the laws against Necromancy.

Y.R. 496 – Ashbury becomes a Duchy. The Royal Conservatory of Bardic Arts is established at Ashbury Town.

Y.R. 499 – Niman is admitted into the Kingdom after several years of deliberation. Rumors spread that Evendarr only wanted Niman to join the Kingdom so there soldiers would act as a buffer between the people of Ashbury and Minotaurs and Barbarians of the Plains of Hadran. King Roderick is assassinated in the very halls of the palace. The King's advisor, Lucrezia Nicadaemus is questioned, but is completely exonerated. The King's brother, Lawrence II, takes the throne, and names his Aunt Lorelei as Heir. King Lawrence II declares Necromancy Illegal and punishable by Death for first offense.

Y.R. 593 – After years of negotiation, a settlement is reached in October without significant bloodshed. The Kingdom is divided into four Principalities. King Elenaro declines the rulership of a Human Realm. Prince Basil and Princess Andrea rule Northmarch (Elysia, Ravenholt and Volta). Former Duchess Lillian Rotari of Rotaria is named Princess of Greenmarch (Ashbury, Niman and Rotaria). Prince Kevynn Blackfox is named Prince of the Heart (Blackstone, Duchy of Evendarr and Kitheria). Former Field Marshal Miles Tegg is named Prince of Southwatch (Sutherland, Therendry and Tyrangel). A month later, Basil Ravenhurst is assassinated by His Elite Guard with the aid of the Baronies of Capulus and Cumberland. Princess Andrea Huntington becomes sole ruler of Northmarch.